Wodke Hawkinson

Wodke Hawkinson is the name under which writing duo PJ Hawkinson and K Wodke release their co-authored works. Wodke Hawkinson's multi-genre style gives the readers a rich and varied experience. Catch Her in the Rye is the first collaborated work released by Wodke Hawkinson. This short story collection offers a variety of genres, something for every taste. There are two more books in this series of short fiction: Blue, Selected Short Stories Vol. 2 and Alone, Selected Short Stories, Vol. 3. In addition to their popular novel, Betrayed, they have also released: Zeke, a dark novel of obsession; Tangerine, a tale of romance and intrigue set in the future; Sue, a sequel to Zeke; and Dark Longings,a mystery/suspense.

Upcoming projects include a variety of short story singles, a fourth volume/collection of short stories, and a fantasy novel.

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