Unlikely Christian: Poetry Collection by Charna Ainsworth


Unlikely Christian is a collection of Christian poems and landscape photographs that reassure believers and awaken skeptics to God's unmeasurable mercy and love. Through the medium of words and photography, Charna Ainsworth probes the light and the darkness to uncover what it means to be an unlikely Christian. Each poem explores a unique layer within the spiritual experiences of Christianity. With a descriptive ability to verbalize honest emotions shared by most people but mainly left unsaid, Ainsworth opens the door to explore these feelings. She shares her personal journey into the wonder of God's peace with revelations about purpose, life, relationships, and love. Every poem opens the heart to feel beauty, joy, and the spirit of life that dwells in all of us. This collection covers the gamut, from basking in the love of God to encouragement for those who have suffered grief and loss. There are even some for those who enjoy nature and for those who question the reasons of redemption. Every person who has ever questioned their worth or worthiness in God's eyes should read this book. And every one who knows someone who believes their past or present circumstances deems them unworthy of receiving grace, should give them this book as a gift. Ainsworth's Unlikely Christian reveals God's profound love and His power to rescue even the most unlikely people from a life of abandonment and darkness. It will leave every reader with a deeper understanding that the promises of God are for those who believe, regardless of color, creed or religion.


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