The Risen: Dawning, Anniversary Edition: A Zombie Apocalypse Story of Survival (Book 1)

From our friend Marie Crow

It has been one year since the beginning of this journey. I am deeply honored by all of my fans who have embraced The Risen series. You have expressed to me your favorite characters and the connections you find with them. I feel this series is special in that it embraces the human element as well as the telling of classical horror.

As a “thank you” to all my fans it is my pleasure to introduce The Risen: Dawning, Anniversary Edition. This book contains a variety of scenes and character depth not included in the original version.




The Risen: Dawning, Anniversary Edition, is the first zombie apocalypse novel in The Risen series by author Marie F Crow. The author uses a descriptive writing style to paint the scenes and moods of the characters. She feels this style enhances the content delivering the zombie apocalypse story in true regard to her creative concept.


Helena Hawthorn has lived her entire life in the dark shadow of her perfect younger siblings, The Hawthorn Angels. Now as the world awakens to a new horror, she will have to risk everything to keep them safe or forever be haunted by the failure to keep them alive. Each day will bring a new victory, or a new scar, as Helena learns that the dawn waits for no one.

With her newly bonded family, the local motorcycle club G.R.I.T., they will discover the world now holds much deeper horrors for them than they could have ever imagined. The Risen not only stalk the earth but stalk their nightmares as well.


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