The MotherLode Manifesto

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Our good friend Margie Baldock released her book the MotherLode Manifesto, where she shares her secrets to success. Although the book is for men and women she shares her story and great tips and ideas to help empower women to succeed.

Check it out not only is it a great read she tells her own compelling story which is an inspiration to us all.

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You can learn all about her and her book at

The MotherLode Manifesto

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The Mother Lode Manifesto is a revolutionary call to action for women everywhere to create personal, financial independence through social entrepreneurship, whilst transforming the world at the same time. Margie’s groundbreaking, step-by-step master plan is designed to assist women buy back our time, while transforming the current destructive path our world is heading down.

The Mother Lode Manifesto explains:
• How women have been lied to about money and been taught NOT to take responsibility for ourselves financially (and why 7 out of 10 women will live in poverty as a result)
• Why most global systems are dysfunctional and why women are the perfect change-agents (and simple steps every woman can take today to transform the world to enrich our children overnight)
• How to start, run and market your own business with minimal capital and become financially free in 1-3 years; and
• Passive investment and wealth-creation strategies that will make you financially independent in 5-7 years (even if you don’t want to start your own enterprise).

PLUS! Join Margie’s ‘Trillion Dollar Women’s Wealth Virus’ and how she plans to inspire and assist one-million women worldwide to become millionaires.
The Mother Lode Manifesto is the ultimate how-to guide for changing your life, securing your family’s future, and making the world a better place for all of us.


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