It is full of tips and practical advice ranging from what should be common sense (but look around, apparently, it isn’t for a lot of people), to the more profound that will make you think.

If you're reading this book then I'm sure you're a Mom, Mom-to-Be (or maybe even a Dad) to daughters. And although I've found this to be the greatest job in the world, sometimes it might leave you thinking "boys might have been a little easier" (and by the way, I've never had that thought!). Are your daughters getting off track and you'd like to know how to get them back on? Are you a new Mommy and you want to know how to raise your daughter (almost) perfectly starting from day one? Then "THE GOOD MOMMIES' GUIDE" just for you!

This guide is filled with 100 tips on how you can raise girls "everyone can't help but love!" In her very humorous manner, the author shares how she started teaching her daughters from the very beginning, when they were in her womb, and she still swears by this method!

"I didn't have to do much research as I lived this, day in and day out. Throughout this guide you will find my TOP tips that I used in rearing my two (almost) perfect daughters, one now an Adult and the other in her teenage years. Real life situations along with methods on how to effectively deal with each and every one, filled with a lot of seriousness and a little humor thrown into the mix is also what you will find in THE GOOD MOMMIES' GUIDE..."

The Author is quick to share that she is far from being a PERFECT Mommy ("Just ask my daughters", she says), but she is a really GOOD one, "and while writing this book, I realized there were some areas that I could have been better in. So, just as you will learn from these tips, I have had to re-learn some as well. Hopefully, one day when GOD has blessed me with grand-daughters, that will be my chance to PERFECT on some of my very own tips".

With an astonishingly surprising twist, the Author includes a few Bible Scriptures here and there without it coming across as "preachy". They were placed first and foremost because "my daughters were raised in a Christian home and THAT is the real basis of their foundation", she says. And although they come from a very loving household, their parents couldn't be more different. "Their dad is a Pastor in his church, I am a believer. Their dad is in church faithfully, I rarely attend any services at all. His faith is extremely strong in GOD, and I am still trying to get there." I share all of this because I don't want you to be misled into thinking that we used some extreme parenting methods and that is why our daughters turned out as wonderfully as they did. So in answer to some of your thoughts, NO, they were not scared straight, they were actually loved all the way thru. I'm just being honest about who we are".

This book is divided by alphabetized topics. There will be those days when you just want to relax out in the sun with a cup of lemonade and just read this guide from beginning to end. (It is just that good of a read, so have at it!). Then there will be those times when you are faced with a particular issue and at that moment, you will simply flip to the section on that topic. The author pokes fun at herself throughout this guide book which makes it all the more enjoyable to read. She shows us that we don't have to be PERFECT Mommies to raise (almost) perfect daughters, we just need to be GOOD Mommies with consistent teachings and with that, our daughters will turn out just fine.

This guide is great for rearing toddlers, on up to young adult daughters. It will become your personal PARENTING BIBLE.

Some of these tips might come across as a little harsh to some, but if you really get into the lesson that is to be taught, you will truly appreciate its' meaning and its' intent. Two wonderful daughters were born out of these teachings and so that alone is the proof in the pudding. Enjoy the journey!

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