Testing the Waters: My Planned teen Pregnancy gone wrong (The Elements of Life)

Our friend E. McNew has written a number of book here is her cautionary tale of teen pregnancy.




Book Description

Publication Date: February 5, 2014
  • Out of 100 teenage pregnancies, 20 are planned.
As a former teen parent, Elizabeth believes that hiding the secret of her pregnancy
being intentional will only encourage this matter. Elizabeth hopes to encourage other
former teen parents to also break their silence in an effort to re-evaluate the statics.

constant fantasies of living on her own terms leads a fifteen-year-old girl to
embark on a thoroughly plotted journey to becoming pregnant. She obsessively
studies fertility more than doing her homework. She charts her monthly cycles
and tracks her most fertile days on a log kept secretly hidden under her bed.

months of actively trying to conceive, she and her naïve nineteen-year-old
boyfriend struggle through events that will shake their world, and shatter
their over-confident assumptions of reality.

a giddy girl with a fantasy, to a pregnant fifteen-year-old struggling to
reverse her backfiring plot, this memoir is an invitation into the common
thought patterns which are shaping the future for many young girls today. By
making the conscious decision to become pregnant, Elizabeth Jeter altered her
life in ways that she never could have imagined. She inadvertently introduced
herself to a world of ill-intended criminals and quickly plummeted into their
dark world, forgetting her values and nearly completely losing her identity for
the next four years.

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