Strump: A World of Shadows @BeasMichael

Our friend an Author Michael Beas wrote this fantastic book. Check it out!




Book Description

Publication Date: December 30, 2013
Upon the death of King Aerostat II, two brothers fight for the keys to the throne of their fathers beloved Blue Kingdom. Through a labyrinth of lies and deceit the Shadow Lord uses the oldest of the two brothers to unite the pieces of a magical game board called Strump. If successful a shadow uprising would bring death and destruction upon all the inhabitants of the Blue Kingdom. The search for truth becomes an enchanted adventure where humans and mermen, pirates & mice, sorcerers & pixies make alliances to defend their Kingdom before it falls into ..... A World Of Shadows.
You can find it here on Amazon
It is available for $.99 until the end of the day March 13th so hurry
You can learn more about the author and follow him on twitter at

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