Spirit Talker: The Legend of Nakosis [Kindle Edition] Tom Coles


Set amid the verdant wilderness of pre-contact era North America, Spirit Talker weaves the fantastical story of Nakosis, a young man called to the path of the ‘Spirit Talker’ or Shaman. Sensitive to the spirit world, he is taken under the wing of two aged masters. Under their tutelage it quickly becomes apparent that the young man possesses a unique gift - the calling of a powerful spirit whose beckoning will take the young Shaman on the quest of legends to seek the secret of the sacred circle, the great connection of all life. He will encounter new lands, lost brethren, wondrous and fearful beings, loss, hardship and ultimately love and knowledge. He will become the one whose tale will be told around the campfires for generations. Join Nakosis and embark upon a magical journey of spiritual discovery.

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