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Any genre (Except Religious) (published in the past 9 months)
So if you want help to advertise & promote your work -- Just send a copy 🙂
Just send your book to:
DD Books
33 Cluain Aoibhninn

Any other question can be found HERE

Here's what you can get:
GOOGLE+:  Post on  GOOGLE+ Page
TWITTER: Tweets from FOUR different accounts with 20,000+ followers.
REVIEWS: An honest, independent review by Patrick or Sara - posted on GoodreadsAmazon. Also listed HERE : A Drunken Druids View
Sara  - Tweeted by Great_Books
CP  -  Tweeted by The_Drunken_Druid
BLOG: Your book cover will also be listed on The Thursday Interview blog page.
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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Q. Can this help me with my book?
A. Yes, we use Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, Goodreads & Amazon to spread the word about your book.

Q. Why is promoting my book on social media important?
A. Today everyone is using social media and we can help manage your book's online reputation. Every  author needs marketing support for their title & getting your book heard of and widely available is the key to any successful book.

Q. Reviews are important, what's your view?
A. Authors really value the opinion of others, so after reading your book an honest review will be given. A critical opinion is important to authors and will be beneficial to their work. Our book club meet regularly for readings

Q. What types of books do you accept?
A. Anything - Except the Bible & Koran  😉

Q. Ok, this sounds brilliant! What do I do next?
A. Just send us one physical copy (Hardback or Paperback) of your book and we'll get started. If you don't have a physical copy why not join our eBook service or Professional Service

Q. So all you want is a book!
A. Yes, all we are looking for new books, as we use them as part of our reading groups. Book must have been published in the past nine months and in excellent condition.

Q. Where do I send my book to?
A. Your book can be sent to:

DD Books
c/o CP Feerick
33 Cluain Aoibhinn
County Mayo

*Helpful Tip   *It may be economical to send your book from   or

Q. How soon can we get started?
A. This free offer will begin on a Tuesday after your book arrives. A full breakdown of the free promotion can be found by Clicking Here.

Q. Where can I see feedback about you & the service you provide?
A. See our Testimonials Our ebay feedback ->  HERE  and at our bookstore HERE -

Q. I don't have a physical copy of my book! I only have ebooks - What do I do?
A. If you want us to promote your ebook:  CLICK HERE to promote your ebook

Q. I may have more questions at some time, how can I contact you?
A. If you have any further question, feel free to CONTACT ME HERE

Q. Where is the fine print?
A. You just read it 🙂