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3. Please make sure that your book meets the following criteria:


  • be at least 70 pages long (per Amazon), except for children’s books which may be shorter
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  • be discounted or FREE (priced at $4.99 or lower)

Please submit your book at least one week before it is to be featured.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that every submitted book will be featured.  But, we will always try our best to feature your book for you.

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4. An added Bonus for our Authors!

pencil-17808_640We are excited to offer an author section – a place underneath your featured book which displays your bio, your picture, and even a link to any page that highlights your book (such as your blog or Facebook page).

After your book promo ends and the deal expires, your book will continue to stay on our site at its normal price. This way, when a reader clicks on your bio or pic, he or she will be able to see all of your books that have been featured by us – including the ones featured by us in the past.

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