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When you have found a good idea, it can completely change your life and the lives of those around you. Good books consist of viral ideas that have been poured out onto pages — so to be shared with you! We need to hear new ideas so to grow, so to transform (check out Colossians 1:10).

Here's what the owner of Brave Reviews says about his website, devoted to keeping people in the know of new Christian media:

"I got sick and tired of only seeing people who don't like a book sit down and put together a review for it. Brave Reviews exists as a trustworthy corner of the web where people can find unbiased reviews of contemporary texts, whether digital or tangible. I do not believe in a 'bad book' (though there certain is bad theologizing). Whether it is a romance novel or a hotly-debated theological text, we as learners should be having conversations with a variety of genres. So now you should be asking what a person who would not give a book a terribly poor evaluation is doing reviewing books. The calling of Brave Reviews is two two-fold simple tasks:

1. Let our busy, over-worked followers, whether pastors, scholars or laypeople, know what books are being published.

2. Let followers know what books are for them and what books aren't for them — if you only had a dime for every time somebody said, "You have got to read this book!"

It's a brave task, I know, but in this world of mass media it is a much worthy adventure. Keep up with what is being published, find out what is for you, and why not enter yourself in our massive monthly giveaway while you're at it?

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