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Do You Want Book Publicity? We will promote your book!

Morgann Peters, author of Undisclosed Desire

An AWESOME site! Promotion cannot get better or easier than this!
David is a wonderful guy, very thorough, with an interesting new look
on promotions! Check it out, authors! You'll be VERY glad you did!

Andrew Drage, author of The Dark Horde

My god, you guys are amazing! I've just seen how thorough and comprehensive what you offer is, having seen my page for The Dark Horde. I've been promoted on a few sites now, with catalogs etc, but the package you've delivered here beats them all!

As many new book titles are published daily, it is getting even more difficult to sell a book. The key to
increased sales lies in creating awareness about your book's existence to as many readers as possible.

• "Your service is a tremendous resource for authors and I'm so happy to know about it." — Judy Brizendine• "What a wonderful site, thank you so much for your professionalism and attention to detail" — S C Cunningham

• "I bought the supporter package cause you're really worth it! You are doing a great job!" — Kamon Therrien

our service

promotion for your books & ebooks

not time limited - your books will be listed permanently on this site

we don't claim any rights on the books we promote

How it works

• to submit books for promotion you need to buy a "supporter pack" for $15 (VAT may apply)

• it's valid for 12 months - during this time you can submit as many of your books as you want at no extra cost

• after you submitted a book you will receive an email which contains a link for the payment (PayPal or credit card)

• if you bought a supporter pack before January 1st, 2014 you can submit all your books at no cost - your supporter pack does not expire
• you can find out whether you already bought a supporter pack and if it's still valid by clicking here


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we work on all books you submit as soon as possible (within 5 working days)

we will create a book promotion page for the books you submit

we will link to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest sites

we will promote your websites using three preview images

for KDP titles we display a preview sample of your book (does not work for all ebooks)

if there is a video on Youtube related to the book we will display it

we will display your profile picture if you want

visitors can write reviews of your book - you can quote them on your website

you get automatic notifications of new reviews of your books if you want

social marketing: visitors promote your book on Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest

we will randomly promote your books in the section "Featured Books & Authors"

we prominently feature our supporters on the home page: "in the spotlight"

we will send a tweet about your book to our ~27,200 followers on Twitter

you can send 10 tweets to our followers with a message & link of your choice

please note that this is not a review service - we won't write an editorial review

we link to your book's Amazon page so visitors can easily buy your book

special offer

we are currently giving away our eBook Pro software to everyone who uses our service

this software helps you create, format & publish your Kindle ebooks [learn more]

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We are an Amazon Associate. If a visitor of our site follows our link to your book's Amazon page and buys your book we receive a small commission paid by Amazon. Please note that this does not take away from your royalties! This business model guarantees you that we do our best in promoting your books since we won't get paid if we don't sell your books.

you don't

you don't need to send a copy of your book to us

you don't need to send a picture of the cover of your book to us

you don't need to do book giveaways

you only need to fill out a simple form

Aron Joice, author of The Rising (The Lost Children of Managrail)

Whenever I come across something that is of value to an author or reader I like to share it. Fortunately I discovered [...] I am thrilled with my review page and its diversity. [...] Calling all authors,
do yourself a favor visit this site and I’m sure you will want to participate.

Jason Matthews, author of How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks - All for Free

This is one of the best new sites for everything it takes to promote your book [...] Very impressive
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