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Get reviews for your book on Amazon and Goodreads.

We are a review-swap. You review a book on Amazon, and someone reviews your book in return. It's easy!

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How it works...

Click the 'Get Started!' button below to purchase your review-swap for just $5. You'll then complete our online form, providing us with the link to your book on Amazon and some other minor details.
We send you a link to a book on Amazon, which you purchase (for less than $3) and provide a genuine review as an 'Amazon Verified Purchaser'.
You then receive a genuine review on your book in return! Click "Get Started!" below to start your review-swap now!


How long do I have to review a book?

You have two weeks to review the book you’re allocated. Keep in mind that this period doesn’t begin until we’ve provided you with the appropriate link.

How long does it take to receive my review?

The sooner you review the book you’re allocated, the sooner you get your review! Once you’ve provided us with a review, the assigned reader then has two weeks to read your book and write a review!

Isn’t paying for book reviews wrong?

Yes, we think so. Ultimately, paying for book reviews can result in some less-than-honest responses to your work that can do more harm than good. Which is exactly why our system doesn’t work like that. With our review-swap, an author is never reviewing the work of someone who has reviewed their book- there’s no doubling up. This eliminates any chance of bias, and encourages a genuine and honest review. Here at EasyBookReviews we actually just assist authors who are trying to get their books out there. A customer isn’t paying the reviewer, they’re simply helping us facilitate the process of finding readers.

So what are the benefits?

You mean aside from having your book bought and read by as many readers as you like? One of the biggest challenges for new authors is creating awareness within your target readership. Acquiring reviews on Amazon and Goodreads will certainly help put your book on the map. Having reviews definitely gives your work authenticity and authority in the market, and can also help potential readers find your book.

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