Secrets of the Spiral Tower by Joe Woods

    As the murky waters of the Mississippi River at Port Gibson part at the end of a tow line, a personalized license plate with the letters Wil K MC is revealed on the rear of a sunken car. Instantly, Connor realizes authorities have discovered the remains of his girlfriend, Willow Kingston McKenzie. Driving away for the recovery scene, Connor’s mind drifts back to his adolescent years when he and Willow were inseparable. But, with time, Willow outgrew him, even though they shared secrets hidden in a cave in the National Military Park, near one of the spiral observation towers. She left Vicksburg and the lucrative McKenzie Towing business even though she was destined to inherit a large fortune from her father, Rupert. Willow became a millionaire and world traveler in her own right. Even so, she was haunted by the secrets of the spiral tower. Although rich and successful, she felt unfilled as a person and returned to her childhood home to right the wrongs she and Connor had committed over three decades ago. After 30-plus years, Connor was still single and available. He and Willow quickly rekindled the love that existed between them during their high school and college years. Sadly, Willow is brutally murdered before they can be married. After five years, the authorities have lost interest in solving the mystery. Willow’s cousin, Woody, vows to spend the rest of his life in the pursuit and capture of Willow’s murderer, but not until her submerged car is discovered is it possible to solve the murder, thus exposing the secrets of the spiral tower.


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