Secret to Startup Failure: Fail Fast. Fail Cheap. Fail Happy

Sonia Lin is an entrepreneur, author, and developer. She is the author of EntrepreNo's: Secret to Startup Failure, a webcomic series that illustrates the lack of work-life balance in a startup and is inspired by her startup experiences.

Her previous work includes the founding of a Chicago-based startup that won a Google-themed global business competition with a $250,000 investment, and was featured in major media such as TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and Yahoo.
Sonia has been profiled in a Google commercial that was aired internationally and was a Ten Outstanding Young Persons finalist for her active role in the startup scene. She holds a Masters of Science in Higher Education Administration and Policy from Northwestern University.
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Book Description

Publication Date: January 8, 2014
For those who are crazy enough to keep failing…

Award winning entrepreneur and author of popular webcomic series EntrepreNo’s: Secret to Startup Failure Sonia Lin unveils a startup life full of failures, based off her iconic humor in the webcomics that are weaved into practical themes in a startup life, coupled with words of advice to fellow entrepreneurs. The “fail fast, fail cheap, fail happy” mantra of this book commits to promoting work-life balance and the ability to look beyond and laugh at the startup life vicissitudes in order to achieve long-term entrepreneurial success.

Get ready for Secret to Startup Failure to:
● Get over a less-than-successful launch day

● Pick a co-founder who provides politics-free companionship
● Interpret productivity from the garbage can
● Have an investor call on St. Patrick’s Day
● … and moreStartup life is long, so fail where you should, and laugh when you can.



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