Romeo, Juliet, Petie & Me Melinda Matthews @M_P_Matthews

Thanks for sharing Petie with us.

Every person who had a special pet as a child has a story. I love short stories, and this is one of mine. I encountered a woman walking an American collie recently. How noble and beautiful he was! He wasn’t one of the light-colored, “Lassie-looking” ones like we all know and love, but dark like the collie I had growing up. They are such wonderful dogs – so sensitive and intuitive and intelligent! It made me remember my collie and this short story I wrote many years ago. Having recently published a book on kindle, it seemed simple enough to just go ahead and publish this as well. 

I think it's important for us to tell our stories, our unique experiences, especially when they chronicle the diverse regions and backgrounds and times from which we as individuals emerge. “The worlds from whence we've come”, the way things used to be... They serve, if for no other reason, as valuable reference points. The countryside of yesterday becomes a small town. The small town becomes the suburb of the nearby city. The children become parents and then grandparents. We see in our stories that everything is moving, in fluctuation. It's important to remember the simpler times, the way it was, our history. In a strange way, our stories show that some things will always stay the same, like a little girl’s love for a dog.

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