Redemption Ridge (Volume 1) by Lottie Brent Boggan


Redemption Ridge is an historical family saga set in post Civil War Mississippi. It follows the trials of the the Claymore family. Once prominent southern aristocracy, they have fallen on hard times. Main characters, Brucie Claymore and Lamont Randall, are siblings sired by the late Bruce Claymore, a supposed traitor to the South. Before his death, he had a tryst with both his brother’s wife and a slave. Brucie resulted from the interlude with Daddy Claymore’s wife while Lamont came from the coupling with Vernell. Vernell, still a servant, shows that true love knows no barriers as she sacrifices all for the children she loves. Both Brucie and Vernell have psychic abilities which often cause the young white girl problems. This story deals with treason, murder, and incest, as well as racial issues. Yet, at the heart of the story is love.


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