Points of Origin – Darden North, MD


Our good friend Darden North released his exciting thriller on Audio book. Available now.


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Life in a small southern town like Larkspur, Mississippi, doesn't have to be boring, not when revenge drives every character, homes burst into flames, and lives crumble. The suspicious death of a young woman costs premiere plastic surgeon Dan Foxworth his surgical dynasty, his life, and that of his wife. Devastated by the loss of both parents and unable to meet a bitter grandfather's expectations, Sher Foxworth tries to save an elderly woman from her burning home.

Suddenly the accidental hero, his life is turned upside down by disturbing twists of fate. To dig his way out, Sher makes a deal to wear a fireman's hat and remains the hero. But it is the philandering, wealthy trial lawyer Cordell Pixler who collects the enemies. Many in the boiling, no longer sleepy, southern town seek vengeance against Pixler-some some because of sex and some because of money-and it's a race to see who nails him first. "Points of Origin" was awarded nationally in Southern Fiction by the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards and is the second novel by Darden North. "Points of Origin" is available in hardcover print, eBook, and audio book editions.
The audio book is narrated by Fred Wolinsky:FredWolinsky.Weebly.com.

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