Napa: A MacAllester Family Adventure, Book 1

Our friend Dawn DeSousa has released her new book Napa: A MacAllester Family Adventure, Book 1




Jennifer Jones—JJ to her friends—has played it safe all her life, hiding behind a lab coat as a wine researcher. But after losing her job for dating a coworker, she jumps at the chance to head to Napa Valley to work for the famous MacAllester wine family. She’s learned her lesson: never mix business and pleasure.


William MacAllester-Moore may be the heir to a famous wine making family, but at heart he’s a farmer, growing grapes he hopes will make the best Cabernet in Napa Valley. But when his mother’s new assistant winemaker catches his eye, he realizes his grapes aren’t the only sweet, intoxicating things at the company.


As the sun-drenched days and heated nights stretch out before them, JJ and William’s romance ripens along with the grapes. But there are storm clouds on the horizon. JJ fears her feelings not only endanger her heart and her job, but William’s vineyards as well, putting the first harvest of his new vineyard at risk. Perhaps it’s just not possible to create a new wine and a new life together.

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About the Author

I created Destination Love Stories because I believe that motivating women to realize their dreams through travel can literally transform the world. Why? Because that's what happened for me. Traveling the world took me out of my comfort zone and opened my heart, mind and soul to create new possibilities for myself. And with new possibilities came romance, and with romance, came love. The least I can do is pay the favor forward. Another way I'm paying it forward is through a program called Dimes of Love. Basically, for each book that I sell, a dime will be donated to an organization that empowers women and girls. See my website for more information. So every time you buy one of my books, you are contributing to the well being of others around the world.

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