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“More than nude – fine art photography” is an illustrated book with around 120 large-size female nude photographs, which not only attract the male viewers in the spell. The nakedness of women is not the focus, but the integration into an artful composition. The feminine beauty is shown in numerous facets – sometimes subtly seductive, sometimes provocative erotic, but always aesthetically. The photographer Kristian Liebrand has received numerous national and international awards. His works have been exhibited in many cities and published in numerous media. This illustrated book shows a cross section of his artistic work and invites lovers of (erotic) Photography repeatedly to scroll through a.

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“More than nude – fine art photography” This breathtaking picture book of about 120 enlarge female nude photographs art does not just attract the male eye. The female nudity is not the center of attraction Merely part of the photographic composition. Beautifully illustrated through many facets, sometimes seductive, sometimes provocative, but always aesthetic. The German photographer Kristian Liebrand Has received national and international recognition and won many contests Has. His artworks HAS BEEN Exhibited in many cities. Numerous magazines, professional journals and some TV stations have reported on Kristian Liebrand. This picture book shows a cross section of his art work for admirers of (fine art nude) photography.

Format: 28 x 28 cm x 1.3 cm
Weight: 1.020 grams 120 pages, hardcover, inner 170g paper

1 Edition / ISBN 978-3-00-03831 8-2 Bibliographic information of the Deutsche Bibliothek: The German National Library lists this publication in the German National Library; detailed bibliographic files are available. EUR 29,95 plus Shipping


Book on nude photography


“[...] Kristian Rand lovers convince photos due to their versatility and stylish expressiveness Each page in. ‘More than nude – fine art photography” is a new erotic experience that can captivate both sexes equally, his photos are not just for men a. real eye-catcher, but also for women, because they show aesthetic compositions which explore the beauty of femininity varied with their sensual uniqueness. “(Editorial missima)       >> full article
“Versatile nude photo book. Photobook by the photographer Kristian Liebrand shows about 120 nude photographs – very versatile but always aesthetically Under the title” more than nude – fine art photography »Kristian Liebrand has published a book with around 120 female nude photographs The book. measures generous 28 x 28 cm and displays the images in each full page. Though the picture book exclusively shows Aktofotos, he turns out to be surprisingly varied, thereby consistently in an aesthetically high level. example, the book provides not only a cross-section of works by Liebrand, but also an idea what nude photography can be anything. “ (Editorial Digital Living, Switzerland)     >> to Article
“Kristian Liebrand is nude photographer His latest picture book. ‘More than nude – fine art photography” includes around 120 emphasizes artful, female nudes Here we introduce you to the author and his fascinating picture book Despite the expressive nudity of the protagonists, the presence of defined.. . representations from the respective total compositions selected non-intrusive, but deliberately act the arrangements that always represent in their own way feminine aesthetic Provocative, seductive, stunning, subtly captivating, provocative -., we could list the description of options for this section of the photographic work Kristian Lieb edge determined expand endlessly. ”
“Be [...] Shown high-quality black-and-white and color photographs that present a cross-section of the work of Liebrand. Except for a few shots, the photos were taken in the studio and are perfectly staged and lit., The only young female models have flawless bodies, the the common ideal of beauty correspond Behind each picture lies an idea that has been implemented with great attention to detail. time it’s about an unusual pose, a fascinating picture cutout or an unusual situation When scrolling is immediately clear. Here is a master photographer at work. For all lovers of artistic and erotic nude photography is “more than nude” a beautiful collector’s piece that is more than worth its price …. “ >> to Article
“‘Correct great pictures that provide by their Kompsition the nudity in the background.’ This is truly kopfkino-stimulating effect on the finest kind! ‘ These and similar positive reactions to the new book by Kristian Liebrand have made us curious in fc [plus] editorial. [...] For photographers and photographers from the illustrated book provides first-rate suggestions when it comes to nude photography. Because ‘more than nude’ is characterized by varied and detailed images with high artistic standards. “
“[...] In each photograph this band is clearly seen that Mr. Liebrand is a master of his craft. Female nudes for him are far more than a hobby and nude photographer far more than a job, that you can feel even when watching the images. Here is an artist at work, whose passion speaks for the aesthetic representation of female body from every detail of his work. The title “more than nude” can be taken absolutely literally, for each image shows not just a naked woman, but bringing the feminine beauty over and over again in a new, artistic context. “ (Editorial Wedding total) >> full article
“Erotic play of light -. Women moved in the best light nude photographer Kristian Liebrand pays homage to the female sex, he shows women with respect and dignity, sensual, leaves room for imagination without destroying the mystery by voyeurism pure sensuality…” >> full article
nude art picturesfeedback from prospective customers and buyers:
“Right, great pictures, by their composition, the” “.! into the background That’s cool art” nudity
“The cover looks exciting from …… I think it’s a good book is “
“The high school of photography. Makes always good in the local library.”
“This is truly kopfkino-stimulating effect on refined way!”
“Oh yes what a pleasure and amazement! book with very attractive almost mysterious Pics.”
” What you can already see makes you curious for more … “
“He’s really well done!”
“Super, because you can pick up a few suggestions and then take pictures yourself”
“Varied and even after repeated BROWSE you always discover new details “
“This has become a sensational book! especially like the varied motives, your models, all very natural (such as” next door “) work and your high standards for each photo.”
“Many beautiful women perfect and aesthetically Scene set. “ 

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