Melody Jackson and the House on Lafayette Street @mjathols

The characters in this story are the types of characters young adults will truly love.

This is the story about a smart girl who hates new-fangled technologies, and is more interested in machinery and objects of the past. Melody also believes little in the ways of spiritual, metaphysical, or the unprovable. She's home schooled, a little nerdy but a stern realist. 

It isn't long, however, before Melody stumbles into some very old truths of the world and the universe. 

Dark, horrible things.

It was the house next door, which was really the start of it. The house had always been a little creepy, but when her father began to open up with stories of his own childhood, Melody Jackson knew this wasn't going to be an average summer vacation.

Join Melody, her parents, and her friend Flutter (who becomes fixated with the creepy neighbor next door) as they travel through a whirlwind of adventure, suspense and terror. Starting at the local, haunted amusement park and ending with a terrifying night drive to nearly bottomless lake in the dark, Melody's view of the world would never quite be the same again. 

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