Is Your Amazon Author Page a Dead-End?

Guest Post by Jackie Weger

One of the most overlooked, underused and abused promotional tools in our indie universe is the Amazon Author page accessed via Author Central. Whether you are traditional or indie published, you may register for an Author Central Account.

From this account you ‘claim’ your titles, connect your AZ author page to your RSS feed(s) compose and revise blurbs for your books, add pertinent info on each title in Editorial Reviews & From The Author section under each title and, under Events: announce blog hops/book signings. Lastly, it is inside Author Central where you compose and post your Author bio.

When an author launches a book and promotes it, the Amazon Author bio is what usually lands in a promotional spotlight. When you guest post on blogs, very often the only link to your name is your Amazon Author page.

Here’s why: Savvy bloggers are NOT going to send their followers to your blog. Yes, a blogger will send a viewer to your books page because the blogger has installed her Amazon Associate’s link to your book ASIN. This is how many, if not most blogs earn a few pennies for site maintenance. And every promo site whether FREE or FEE, and even some Face Book site owners, want those pennies. Yes, they do. They add up.

The two most important bits of writing you will do outside of your book is a book blurb and your author bio. We’ll leave blurbs for another time. Let’s talk about your bio. Your Amazon bio is the first place to start to build your reader platform. Amazon is where book buyers live.

Author bios on Amazon should be in third person. Your bio needs to talk about you as a writer and speak to the reader. Your Amazon bio must contain your most important SEO links. Amazon will not allow live links, but Bitly links are neat and space saving. If you do not post links in your AZ bio your readers and fans cannot find you to message you, tweet you, follow you or sign up for your newsletter. No SEO links? Your AZ bio just became a DEAD END.

Some authors use the AZ bio to write about everything going on in their books, when the next in a series is due and the problems with writing it. I found one bio in which the author was advertising for a writing partner because she was stuck on the third book in a series. I don’t know about you—but I ain’t buying a book from an author who eats Stupid for Breakfast. The writer just killed her sales. Readers won’t buy her books for fear they will be left with a cliff hanger.

Don’t write a boring resume, listing every school you have ever attended, all of your degrees up to a Ph.D. and every dang job you’ve held in the past twenty years. Hey! The reader is not hiring you for a job. Think of your Amazon bio as A Meet & Greet. Your SEO links are your business cards.

Here’s an AZ author bio I found recently: I wrote (title) ten years ago and put it on a shelf in my closet. I decided to publish it on Amazon I hope you like reading it. Sure, I will, dust bunnies and all. Nothing there to grab a reader’s interest.

An Amazon author page is the single most powerful FREE tool in an author’s social media arsenal. Use it to pique the interest of your reader. Keep it updated. Here is the Bitly link to USA Today Bestselling Author, Donna Fasano’s Amazon Author Bio:

I use it as a guide. Notice that all of Donna’s links are “above the fold” i.e. Read More.

Here are a couple of more authors whose Amazon bios work.
Dianne Greenlay:
Lorrie Farrelly:

I include Lorrie’s AZ Bio as a guide because Lorrie easily folds her education into her writing life—She’s smart, exciting and drives our attention to her books. You will stay with her bio until the last period.

Don’t forget to add your bio to Amazon UK Author Central
Here’s mine:

You will notice that Amazon does not add reviews from one country to another. I tweaked my UK Bio to alert UK Readers to U.S. Reviews.

Foot Note: You will have noticed I mention Bitly a couple of times. Here’s why: I often see the following links on blogs and Facebook or they arrive in emails looking like this which signals a novice:

The above is the Amazon link to Finding Home.
Below is the part of the link you need—nothing after the ASIN.

This is the Bitly link: Much nicer.
‘Til next time from the Choosy Bookworm. Y’all keep reading and writing.

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Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. Meeting her characters is like meeting and making new friends. She earned a little money writing and found that all of the things she’d hoped one day to own no longer appealed. She discovered what she enjoyed most was destination travel–going to new and strange places, meeting the natives, learning their customs, their foods, how they survive good times and bad. She lived part of one winter with trappers in the Louisiana Swamps, volunteered at a sister of Mercy Mission in Colon, Panama–and had one of the most interesting conversations in her life with an old man and his dog as they sat on a bench waiting for a train in the Village of Versailles.
Right this minute Jackie is sitting still to write another romance, but her passport is up to date–handy for when the travel bug nips her heels once again. Who knows? She might end up in your neighborhood one day.

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