Delivering Love Today: A Romantic Short Story [Kindle Edition] by Patricia Preston

Kelly Anderson never wanted to be delivering love on Valentine’s Day, but she doesn’t want to let down her uncle who’d been kind enough to give her a job. So she puts on her best smile and climbs behind the wheel of the delivery van that’s filled flowers and balloons. Reminders that love is everywhere except in her disenchanted life.

On a lonesome country road, she’s stopped by Jared Marsden, a handsome cowboy who needs her help, or more precisely, her van. He offers his help in exchange for hers. Is he more than he seems? Will this twist of fate bring a valentine into Kelly’s life, or will it bring her a horde of angry customers and an end to her job?

Come take a fun ride with Kelly this Valentine’s Day and find out!

“Delivering Love Today” is a fun & flirty romantic short story, approximately 5300 words.


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