DEBUT ALBUM! The Protected Shall Never Know

Our good friend Cody Flesher released his first album

Cody Flesher is a talented you Christian musician and has released his first album.

Cody is a vibrant, energetic, thoughtful and talented young man who brings passion and his Christian values to unique sound filled with captivating beats and a variety of musical styles.

Check out these clips of Cody’s work and find a note from Cody about himself and his journey.



About Cody Flesher’s Musical Career – Behind the Scenes

A collection of videos where I sing my favorite songs at karaoke. Also, a place for demos of original songs I am writing.


It all started with a red journal – a simple, bound notebook that held the rhythmic musings of a man as he pondered his emotions and how they fit together.  Combining his faith with his experiences and infusing these two facets of himself with a newfound purpose, giving song to his life, this album, The Protected Shall Never Know, was born.  The album uses styles that are extremely different from each other, including, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Spoken Word and even Christian Salsa, but ties them together into a story of victory.

The lead-off song, Screaming in the Silence, is straight-up rock and roll with a driving vocal performance. Like most of Cody’s songs, it’s a story. It has a hopeful ending … the song was written before the story ended, and Cody’s family and friends have had the pleasure of seeing Cody make good on that hope.

The following song, Battle Cry, tells the story of Cody’s faith using the imagery of the Armour of God – the Sword of the Spirit (The Bible) ,Shield of Faith, Breastplate of Righteousness, Sandals of Peace, Helmet of Salvation, and the Belt of Truth.  The song ends without completing the story, but Cody has hope in the “glory that shall be revealed” in him.

With These Lines is a trippy ride through Cody’s thoughts on an intense relationship. He worked hard to get a performance that combined just the right amount of gentleness and strength by reentering the emotions that the song encompasses.  He has also included the demo of this song as a bonus track.  The two tracks convey two different emotions.  The Demo is very open and reflective while the finished version is more self-confident.

“From Me” is an intimate plea from Cody that God would give him strength in his daily walk.  It was written during a time of doubt about his relationship with Christ when it seemed as if God had abandoned him.  But by the time the lyrics to the song had been penned, his faith had been renewed.  This meditative piece swells to a comforting crescendo that comes from the condolences of Christ.

Deep, Deep Down is the most fun you’ll ever have with Cody.  It’s a Caribbean-flavored romp through Cody’s faith.  Several fellow musicians contributed to the “party” scene at the end.  It’s sure to get your feet moving.

Our Little Song is a spoken word piece about the life of a song – from conception to “death”.  The drone of digeridoos create a mental picture of the song as a flying creature that wings its way around the world.

I Wrote Myself a Note sparked from a time when Cody was starting to write a song bit down on paper and forgot the idea.  But, a song was born after all when his high school crush sent some snail mail.

A King, is the story of not just any king, but THE King.  A retelling of Luke 2, this song provides a Caribbean twist to the classic cannon of carols.

Inspired by the of late band Coyote Run and their Celtic version of Lord of the Dance, Cody decides to put a rock spin upon the carol.  With driving guitar and capable bass and guitar, this ain’t the hymn that older generations are familiar with.

Using a wide variety of musical styles,  Cody Flesher draws from his past and present to weave a tale of his spiritual journey.  Features 9 original pieces as well as 3 fan favorites - Lord of the Dance, Long Black Train, and Phantom of the Opera.

As reviewed by blogger Derek Jordan on Just Being Here: A Blog of Derkyness:

Overall Thoughts:

A rock.. slightly hard.. seriously mixed genres.. but as well very much focused on Christ and God ..and then.. some are not...  I like the fresh feel of each song as you seem to travel from one genre type to another

Stand Outs:

 "Lord of The Dance" - an interesting song about Christ and His joy in doing His fathers work.. it is pretty cool sounding as well

"A King" - reggae .. Messiah virgin birth.. very interesting.. I like the flair.. a very cool way to tell the tale

 "With These Lines" - what I call spoken word.. but it is kind of like rap.. and as well a surreal.. almost ambient feel..

 "Our Little Song" - this reminds me a bit of Kevin Max ..

 "Battle Cry" - very awesome rocking song.. totally cool message .. brought forth in a very cool way.. so honest and true

 "From Me" - much more of a worship feel.. and as well message..

 "Deep Deep Down" - I really liked the energy in this.. much more like an old rocking hymn.. not sure what it may be called.. gospel .. something like that ..

"Screaming In Silence" - alternative rock .. a pretty good entertaining beat..

take a listen ... get a download..

Find it here on Xoinga



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