Daniel’s Mighty Men (Black Sail)



Our good friend David Bergsland wrote this innovative story about a Christian black ops team.


Book Description

Publication Date: December 31, 2013
Supposed CIA operative Deborah "Stones" Stoner is angry--again. Tired of her lengthy recovery from a sniper gut shot received while working black in Jalalabad, she loses her temper and beats three assailants within an inch of their lives while rescuing an innocent shopper and his family. This draws her into the treasonous support of Senator Daniel Aragón, a presidential candidate seeking to bring the country back to moral integrity and honor.
What she falls into completely changes her life. In the backdrop of astonishing threats to the country, Deborah must overcome political intrigue, military treachery, torture, and her past injuries (mental, physical, and spiritual) in order to save the Desert Southwest from the unthinkable: invasion and secession.
This is a full-size book. It's been called an "epic technothriller"
I always feel cheated if a book does not measure up to a Tom Clancy novel. I want the data, the descriptions, the people involved. This book gives you that.
Warning: This book talks about radical spiritual reality, from astral projection, to possession, to spiritual rebirth. If you are afraid of or angered by spiritual issues, you better quit now.
For Christians: This is a book about special operations warriors and war. It gets a bit violent. Also, the private spec op company, Black Sail, tasked with saving the day has in its leadership a charismatic woman pastor who is also a legendary CIA assassin [retired]. So, it's a bit gritty. More than that, for many of you, it will challenge your beliefs and deals with occultic power as well as spiritual strength and maturity.


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From the Author

Christian Warriors?

Give me a break!
Surely I cannot be saying that there are Christians who could be black ops covert warriors. But yes, that's what I'm saying. In fact, I'm sure there must be some of them as the Lord has His sheep spread like salt throughout the earth. Now there are certainly no Christian porn workers or porn movie producers. But warriors, intelligence people, politicians, and first response men & women? Of course there are.
David's mighty men are given good coverage in the Bible. In 2 Samuel 22 and 1 Chronicles 11, David's mighty men did amazing feats. They snuck David water from the center of the enemy camp after David vaguely wished for it.

  • Abishai, the brother of Joab, was the leader of the Thirty. He once used his spear to kill 300 enemy warriors in a single battle. It was by such feats that he became as famous as the Three. [1 Chron 11:20 NLT]
  • Josheb-Basshebeth, a Tahkemonite, was chief of the Three; he raised his spear against eight hundred men, whom he killed in one encounter. [2 Sam 23:8 NIV]

These were supernaturally anointed warriors. But that begs the question:

How would Christian warriors act?
They would do their work with love, care, prayer, and guidance from the Holy Spirit, of course. This book is written by a spirit-filled pastor with decades of experience in hearing from the Lord in very trying circumstances. You will be immersed in Christian living at a level most people never experience. Do you feel the need to hear from the Lord on a regular basis for practical guidance in daily living? This novel will show you how to do that.
The scenario may seem extreme, but only if you have not lived in New Mexico for the past three decades. Radical Mexicans get the money, supplies, training, and leadership they need--to do what they have been talking about since the mid-20th century, at least. The invasion comes suddenly on Cinco de Mayo. The burden of repelling the invaders and saving the union falls on Senator Daniel Aragon, the presidential candidate with the character to do what Washington shockingly refuses to allow. The Lord gives the authority and provides the warriors. How will it all work out? What's His plan?
It's a fun read, with real spiritual training and discipleship at its core. There's a lot of action, but these aren't trigger-happy cowboys shootin' up the range. They are warriors led by a former CIA assassin who's now a spirit-filled pastor. In Washington, experience a situation room meeting of horror contrasted with one led by the Spirit of God. A Godly political leader? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
I'll bet you'll like the story. David


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