Have you ever considered a world without books? The written word is the tool by which we communicate our innermost thoughts to others. We humans have our sensory perceptions. We can conceive the world around us through sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touches. But how would we convey our intelligence, character, empathy, sorrow, joy, anger and other traits too numerous to mention? How could we explore the depths of the inner self of our fellow humans without books?

A writer attempts to give the reader a look at the depths of his imaginations. He develops among his characters a myriad of personalities and then plays them out in concert with one another. He also portrays nature in all its mystery and splendor. The writer invents and expands stories for the reader to enjoy.

Likes and dislikes are the fodder that feeds the plots for the writer to create within and of the infinite variety of subject matter and genres which writers utilize. We are a complicated creation and desire to read what interests us or that brings rise to emotions within us. So, consider what makes a great novel that wins awards. Does that mean that the myriad of other books are any less worthy? I believe it depends on that mysterious preference for the subject matter and plot lines that readers desire and want to read.

I try to use descriptive language for scenes, characters, and plot development. I also make an effort to fully develop characters so that you might get to know them and to like them, or not. My books are simplistic in that they have a beginning, middle and end. That effort is profound. But I also try not to be predictive and desire to surprise the reader from time to time.

But I say again, try to imagine a world without the written word. What a wonderful gift with which we are blest. Read! Enjoy!

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