Back To Bienville, A Journey Into Wellness Melinda Matthews @M_P_Matthews


The book is well-edited and easy to read.

Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Melinda was shocked but still felt that she would be one of the few she’d heard about that would recover within a few years by learning to manage the symptoms and the stress in her life -- and through a positive, hopeful outlook. As she watched with joy the national news broadcast the celebrations of the long-awaited demise of the Berlin Wall, she determined that she would not be walled in by illness. She was strong and courageous and just could not see herself with a debilitating chronic illness no matter what “they” said. She enjoyed life too much and there were things to do she still hadn’t done! She knew this type of thing happened to other people, but not to her! She would not be a victim of disease! 

But in spite of her optimistic attitude and everything that sounded helpful that she tried, her physical condition continued to grow worse. Instead of being able to rally to the challenge before her and conquer it as she believed she would, she watched the years pass by as even more mysterious health issues surfaced, until the fierce hope she’d held onto so tightly turned into deep, dark despair. There seemed to be nothing else to try that might offer any real relief or restore any sort of quality of life to her existence. Worst of all, perhaps, there was no one who understood, no one who really seemed to care, and nowhere to turn -- or so it seemed. When she finally hit bottom, there was nowhere to look but up. For a moment, mind and body put aside, she cried out from deep within her spirit, and a door to the supernatural opened. 

Follow her miraculous journey from hopelessness to wholeness. Step by step she travels a road that leads, not just to answers, but to the genuine truth behind the matter -- and not just to recovery, but to complete health. In the end, she learns that a lack of knowledge is by far the deadliest condition of them all...

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