Aquasynthesis Again: SplashdownVol. 2 @P_Creeden

—a solution, especially in water 

—a complex whole formed by combining 

—a pool of stories, fed by the depths of creation and imagination; 
an anthology of short fiction by Splashdown authors. 

Our past, our future, our fate, our hope—all come to life within a frozen pool at the edge of a vast ocean swirling across the orb of a lost world. Join the authors of Splashdown Books on a journey across space, time, and reality. 
From Earth to other planets near and far, fantasy lands and Avenir Eclectia. 
Sixteen stories, one destination: Aquasynthesis. 

With stories by Robynn Tolbert, Grace Bridges, Kessie Carroll, Mary Brock Jones, Robert McClain, Travis Perry, Frank Creed, Pauline Creeden, Mary Ruth Pursselley, Greg Mitchell, Kat Heckenbach, Mike Lynch, Cindy Koepp, Walt Staples, Diane M. Graham and Fred Warren.

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