A Collection of Stories: From a Young Man (A Collection of Stories From A Young Man Book 1) Kindle Edition by G. R. Anderson



Behold the first set of stories in a series to be released by an up and coming young author. So be ready to be taken on different rides from many different genres all in one book. From the depths of war in Espionage: The Beginning to the far reaches of magic in Iberian Tales Volume 1. From the love of an intelligent young college boy to the destruction of planets. A Collection of Stories: From A Young Man will take you down different roads that you will enjoy all along the way. If you like any of these stories, be prepared to have them turned into their own separate full length novels. Espionage: The Beginning, Iberian Tales Volume 1 and The Sam Mercado Story are bound for full length novels. But the shorter stories will be determined by you, the readers, on whether any or all of them will get their own full length novels. So enjoy and have fantastic ride.



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